Rakuten Trade Makes A Bold Step To Further Lower The Barriers To Trade
Rakuten Trade Makes A Bold Step To Further Lower The Barriers To Trade
4 September 2023

Rakuten Trade Makes A Bold Step To Further Lower The Barriers To Trade

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 September 2023 – Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade), Malaysia’s pioneering force in the financial industry, introduced its groundbreaking - “1 Billion RT Points Giveaway” – initiative, enhancing accessibility and rewards for retail investors.


Beginning 1 September 2023, Rakuten Trade amplifies its Rewards Program, rewarding clients with more Rakuten Trade (RT) Points for engaging with the platform, that can be used to offset brokerage fees or to convert into lifestyle rewards.


“At Rakuten Trade's core, there exists an unwavering dedication to empower and uplift Malaysian investors through unparalleled affordability and continuous innovation," said Kazumasa Mise, CEO of Rakuten Trade. "We recognize the significant role brokerage fees and the allure of rewards in shaping investment decisions. Our new initiative, synergized with the recent launch of US Fractional Share Trading and the reduction of brokerage fee from RM7 to RM1, cements our commitment and investment in the Malaysian market.”


“With a track record of innovation and client-centric focus, Rakuten Trade continues to push boundaries of investment possibilities. To date, more than 80% of all RT points awarded are utilized to offset brokerage fees on the Rakuten Trade platform while the balance used to redeem via AirAsia Rewards, Boost and BonusLink,” Mise added.


In tandem with the revamp of the Rewards Program, Rakuten Trade also introduces its RakuPremium Program carrying perks relevant to more experienced digital investors. RakuPremium members are identified based on trading related qualifications including:
1. Transfer in share value of more than RM1million OR
2. Trade more than RM15m quarterly (accumulated across all 3 markets)


 The RakuPremium Program caters to a smaller but more experienced audience who prefer exclusive rewards tailored to their investment needs. It was designed based on the response of its current RakuElite Program, a by invitation only membership.


As of 31 August 2023, Rakuten Trade had activated almost 270,000 accounts and handled more than RM120billion in total trading value since business day one (May 2017). Its clients’ assets under administration was more than RM4billion.