Investment Talk with Yinson Holdings
Investment Talk with Yinson Holdings
8 April 2024

Investment Talk with Yinson Holdings

From humble beginnings in transport and logistics, now Yinson Holdings Berhad (YINSON) is diversifying its business into global energy infrastructure, renewables and technology. The company also recorded significant achievements in the recent quarter, the company has proposed a private placement of 120 million new shares to raise RM283.2 million to expand its renewable energy and green technology business.  

Should you consider adding YINSON to your portfolio? Before you do, tune-in and ask questions during our upcoming webinar with the management team from YINSON!

Our Research Team will be speaking to JJ Chai, Group Chief Strategy Officer and TJ Liaw, Group Chief of Staff of Yinson Holdings Berhad as we stream over FB page and YouTube on 📅 8 April 2024  | 🕕 Time: 8:00PM 

1,288RT Points* will be given to attendees who submit a feedback form by 11:59pm, 8 April 2024. 

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🗣️ Kenny Yee, Head of Research, Rakuten Trade 

🗣️ Thong Pak Leng, Vice President of Research, Rakuten Trade 

🗣️ JJ Chai,  Group Chief Strategy Officer, Yinson Holdings Berhad

🗣️ TJ Liaw,  Group Chief of Staff, Yinson Holdings Berhad

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