Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - SCGM Bhd

Join us as we hear from SCGM Bhd on their Q1FY22 results and their growth opportunities ahead.

Q4 Market Outlook Webinar: Unearthing the Jewels

Q4 Market Outlook with stock picks based on fundamentals, technical and quantitative analysis from our Research team. Join Kenny Yee (Head of Research), Thong Pak Leng (VP of Research) and Queenie Tan (Equity Analyst) as they unearth Q4’s stock jewels.

Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - Komarkcorp Bhd

Join us as we will bring you insights of Komarkcorp Bhd ambitious plan to be the largest face mask manufacturer in South East Asia.

Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - MMS Ventures Bhd

Join us as we speak to MMS Ventures on the rise of test equipment players.

Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - Shariah & ESG Investing and Malaysia Economic Outlook

Join our speakers for a discussion around Shariah and ESG investing. Plus as a bonus a view on the Malaysian Economic Outlook.