Market Outlook: Unearthing the Jewels (Webinar)

Market Outlook Webinar with Our Head of Research, Kenny Yee and Research Analyst Jun Ting Yong. Special remarks by CEO, Kazumasa Mise.

Our Research team believes index linked companies will continue to underperform. That’s why they’ll be focusing more on small caps at our coming webinar Join us as we share insights into small cap companies, how bright their future is as well as focus on stock selections (their picks) for the  coming month.

Ready, Set, Corporate Action! Learn how Corporate Actions will benefit you!

Join us at our 1st RakuTalk Webinar…  on how Corporate Actions can be profitable!


About this Event

Ready, Set, Corporate Action! Learn how Corporate Actions can benefit you!

We’ll share everything you need to know about CAs from how it works, common activities undertaken and how does CA affect shareholders. Not to forget our stock picks too! 

This webinar is totally FREE and open to the public.

Date  : 22 April 2021, Thursday

Time  : 7.45PM – 9.10PM

Venue  : LIVE! on our YouTube and Facebook



8:00PM  :Introduction by emcee

8:05PM  :Corporate Action 411 

8:35PM  :Stock Picks

8:50PM  :Q&A session 

9:10PM  :Session ends


RM0 to join! At the end of the webinar, you’ll receive a feedback form to be completed before 23:59 the same day to claim 100 RT Points*.

*Terms and Conditions apply.



What are RakuTalksWebinars that are streamed live via Facebook and YouTube to provide knowledge about  digital trading, ideal for beginner to advance traders.

How do I join? Simply fill in the registration form on Eventbrite. You’ll receive an automatic email from Rakuten Trade with the link to access the event. The event will run from 7.45pm – 9.00pm on Thursday, 22 April 2021 (GMT+8). If you don’t receive the link within two working days of signing up via Eventbrite, please let us know by emailing (Please note, it may be in your junk folder).

How much will it cost? Nothing! It’s completely FREE! 

I’m a RakuRanger. Can I join? Of course!

I’m not a Rakuten Trade client. Can I participate? Definitely!

What are the benefits of attending?

#1: Understanding what Corporate action is

#2:  Making CA’s work in your favor

#3: Our CA picks

#4: Share your feedback on our 1st RakuTalk session and earn 100RT points (Exclusively for RT Clients)

How to get 100 RT Points*?


What do I do next? Simply fill in the registration form and you will receive a confirmation email with link to join on Thursday, 22 April 2021. To be rewarded with 100 RT Points*, sign up a Rakuten Trade account ahead of the webinar.

Questions? Drop us an email at We’re always happy to assist you! Check out our YouTube channel for a look back into our past webinars and to learn more about us!


*Terms and Conditions apply.




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InvestSmart SC Webinar - Digital Investing: Is It Right For You?

About This Event

We're thrilled to be speaking at the upcoming FREE webinar online series hosted by Securities Commission on Saturday, 27 February from 11am to 12pm.

Our Digital Marketing geek, (he collects Superhero action figures) Mun Keong will be sharing why digital investing may be right for you. He'll be sharing how a total newbie to investing can successfully kickstart digital investing, all from the comfort of your sofas or in your pajamas.

Registration is FREE and there'll be a pop quiz at the end where you could win online vouchers (yaaaasss!). So, click on the link below to reserve a spot today!


About The Speaker

Mun Keong joined Rakuten Trade in 2018 and a year later transferred to the Marketing where he has  established himself as the social media and digital marketing team lead.

In his role, he acts as a community manager, educator and social creator and has created digital content that bridges the technical aspects of investing into easy-to-understand information within the social space. He is also a  frequent speaker at Rakuten Trade’s seminars and webinars

As a dual license dealer representative, he holds a Capital Market Service Representative License, dealing in Securities and Derivatives


February Market Outlook: Unearthing Jewel of 2021


About This Event

We’re streaming LIVE! over YouTube & Facebook on the 24th of February at 8pm, sharing the 2021 Investment Gems for the Year of the Metal Ox.

Our Head of Research, Kenny Yee will be joined by guest speakers, Isabelle Zhen, Head of Sales, Retail Equity Derivatives at Kenanga Investment Bank and Robin Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of HelloGold.

January Educational Webinar: Day Trading & Stock Picks 2021

Coming to you this 14 & 15 Jan, we’ll be sharing another round of 2021 Stock Picks! We’ll also share our Stock Picks and also guide you on How to Build and Execute (the ideal) Trading Plan .