Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - PT Resources Holdings Berhad

Join us next Monday 8pm here on Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar as we bring you for a business seafood experience and growth journey ahead on their IPO.

Investment talk with QL Resources

Join us to find the outlook of QL Resources.

Don’t miss the opportunity 🎯!

Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 Webinar - D&O Green Technologies Bhd

Join us for an evening on Rakuten Trade Ideas 🎯 with KC Tay Group MD for insights to the global automotive trends and how D&O is the key beneficiary.

RakuTalk: Trade in USD or MYR?

Join our Trade In USD or MYR webinar on 7 Sept, 8pm. Live! on our official Facebook and YouTube channels. 

Holding Capital A or Glove Stocks? What’s Next?!

Join Our RakuInsights on pandemic related stocks - Capital A and Glove Stocks from Rakuten Trade Research Team.