5 Benefits To Trading U.S Markets With Rakuten Trade
5 Benefits To Trading U.S Markets With Rakuten Trade

5 Benefits To Trading U.S Markets With Rakuten Trade


A variety of U.S stocks. Low fees. Live market price. 24/7 Customer Service Support. Points to offset your costs.

At Rakuten Trade, we want to help you make your stock market trades at the lowest price as possible with the best seamless online experience.

We understand that there could be uncertainties when it comes to investing in abroad. It's perfectly normal. We're all beginners too at one point of time.

So putting that into consideration, we've provided 5 features to help reassure you that you've picked the right broker of choice when it comes to investing aboard.

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1.Over 1,200 U.S Stock At Your Disposal

"Only 1,200 stocks? I thought you mentioned that there are over 6,000 stocks listed in the U.S?"

Relax. The list is regularly updating based on requests made by our clients so if you don’t see the stock you’re keen to trade listed, let us  know. To give a bit of context; here are just a few familiar brands that are listed and tradeable on our platform:

Stocks: Tesla, Apple, Intel, Mcd, Domino's Pizza, Wallmart, Starbucks, Visa
ETFs: Invesco QQQ, SPDR S&P 500, SPDR Gold Shares, Vanguard Growth 

You can find the full list here.


2. Same Low Brokerage Fees

Nuff said. Same low brokerage on the same familiar platform (yes, you heard that right) to get the same digital trading experience.

We offer the same tier brokerage rates for trades executed on both Malaysia and U.S. markets,

Trading Value (RM) MY Brokerage
Below 699.99 0.1% of trading value (Min. RM1)
Between 700 - 9,999.99 RM9
Between 10,000.00 - 99,999.99 0.1% of Trading Value
Equal or Above 100,000.00 RM100


Trading Value (USD) US Brokerage
No Tier 0.1% of Trading Value

Min. USD1.88

Max. USD25 

There are just a few additional charges you should be aware of compared to trading in Malaysia.

The FINRA and SEC fees are trading fees that are charged on a user during (only) on the sale of any stock.

  • SEC fee: 0.0008% of trading value with a min fee of USD0.01
  • FINRA fee: 0.0145% per share with a min fee of USD 0.01 (capped at USD 7.27). Both will be charged based on the currency you choose. 
If you made 2 separate sells of 50 units Apple shares (AAPL) at USD150 in a day, how much are you charged on FINRA and SEC fees?
FINRA Fees Sell 50 units of AAPL USD 0.01
Sell 50 units of AAPL USD 0.01
SEC Fees Sell 50 units of AAPL 0.0008% x USD150 x 50
Sell 50 units of AAPL


TLDR: Based on the scenario, you'll be paying
FINRA Fees: USD 0.01 (because minimum fee)
SEC Fees: USD 0.06


3. Real-time Market Price

We provide you access to real-time U.S. market price data feed for FREE!

No subscription fee needed. Why? Because investors shouldn’t have to pay for information you need to make informed decisions.


4. Customer Service Support

"What can I do if I encounter trading issue at 3am Malaysian time?"

"Will there be anyone to help me?"

With a customer first mindset, we've set up a group of experience and licensed customer service team to help you solve any trading related issues no matter on Bursa or the U.S markets.

All you need to do is just send in your requests via email at customerservice@rakutentrade.my!


5. Reduce Your Costs with RT Points

Similar to Grab Points and Shopee Coins, earn RT points whenever you refer your friends or trade with us. Then use it to offset the brokerage fee.All you need to do is just to opt in for a brokerage rebate on your Buy or Sell Order Pad. How cool is that!

And there you have it! Five features to help you navigate trading U.S. Markets digitally.

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