Embrace digital trading on NYSE/NASDAQ
Embrace digital trading on NYSE/NASDAQ

Embrace digital trading on NYSE/NASDAQ

  • Trade in fractions or to trade in whole units?
  • Trade in local Ringgit or in USD?


How do I know if trading in fractions is for me?


According to ChatGPT, fractional share trading may be a good fit if you're interested in investing but have limited funds to start with.

It can also be useful if you want to diversify your portfolio with a range of stocks without having to buy whole shares of each company.

In short,

  • If you’re on a budget
  • If you prefer to invest long term
  • If you want a diversified portfolio
  • If you prefer to minimize risk


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Just click the US flag on your dashboard, answer a few questions, and you’ll be approved within 3 days. While it might seem long before you can start, it’ll just give you time to figure out what to trade.


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How Do I start Trading Fractional U.S. Stocks?


Here’s the full tradeable list for U.S. Stocks, ADR and ETFs. Add them now!

Be advised that US shares priced below USD 1 are only tradeable in a whole unit. It is also more cost-effective to trade in fractions higher priced shares so that the sales can cover the fees.

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