How to Create a Watchlist?
How to Create a Watchlist?

How to Create a Watchlist?

The US market can be quite volatile, dramatically changing sometimes by 10% within a day!

Watchlist is a very powerful tool to monitor an active market and specifically your favourite stocks. At Rakuten Trade, you can “watch” both US and MY shares on the same pages.

While Indices cover some basic changes of the market, our Watchlist feature will help you personalize your list with stocks you are interested in. 

This is ideal for both newbies and more savvier traders given that there are over  6,000 stocks listed in the U.S.

So for beginners, we suggest starting small and adding 10 stocks you are familiar with or are keen to invest in.

While more experienced traders will want to watch select shares whose prices tend to fluctuate more frequently.

 Use Watchlist!


Add Your 1st Share

You can add up to 1,000 shares. (10 pages x 100 shares) Once you’re familiar with the Watchlist, you may want to create several watchlists to make your “watch” more efficient. Noticed that the market is quite volatile?

Customize Your Watchlist

Let’s say you want to start with a brand you are familiar with… SEA (holding group of Shopee) but it’s an ADR share (Global companies listed in the US markets) such as Toyota, Alibaba and NIO.

Or, you may want to trade a specific theme such as O&G, financial or the healthcare sector. As Indices do not always cover specific areas, then you may want to “watch” various ETFs that are investing in stocks that match your theme. You can customize your watchlist by category.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Search for your stock and click “Action” button
  2. Click “Register Watchlists” button
  3. Select the page you want to register that share
  4. Popup Appears “Registered in Page xx
  5. Ta-dah! Your stock appears in the Watchlist

Now, you are ready to start using the Watchlist! For more information, please watch this Video.

 Use Watchlist!