Start Creating Your Wealth Pie
Start Creating Your Wealth Pie

Start Creating Your Wealth Pie

For the 1st time in Malaysia, investors can now trade via a local broker to own FAMILIAR brands like Apple, Google and Tesla at a more affordable price.

Enter Fractional Share Trading Completely ONLINE!


What’s Fractional Share?

It’s when you buy or sell a portion of a stock. Yes, you read right. It’s when you BUY or SELL less than one full share which also means that it will cost less than one full share but still get the same rights of the whole share.

Now to put into context... imagine you wanting to own a stake in APPLE but because it costs USD 165.88 / RM 746.46, the average Malaysian may not be able to afford this.

(I mean who are we kidding?! That’s probably your grocery bill for a month or a roundtrip flight to Singapore.)

But imagine if you could own APPLE in bits and pieces, over a few months. That would mean you could actually have your slice of pie and eat it too!


Protip: It’s ok to not just stick to one “pie” and instead take the opportunity to add other “flavors” to create a full dessert plate (aka portfolio)


What Should I Be Aware Of When Trading Fractional Shares? 

  • BUY in small units of 0.01 and SELL at 0.0001 units.
  • Calculate earnings / losses, don’t forget to include your brokerage fee from RM1 / USD 1.88 (increases based on total trading value).
  • Earn & Use RT Points to offset your brokerage fees (RM1 brokerage = earns you 1 RT Point. 1 RT point = offset RM0.01 brokerage fee).
  • Trade in either Ringgit or in USD but remember there will be a exchange fee when you convert to and from Ringgit.
  • Fractional share has the same entitlements as a full share but at a fraction. Cool, right? 😎
  • Be advised that US shares priced below USD 1 are only tradeable in a whole unit. It is also more cost-effective to trade in fractions higher priced shares so that the sales can cover the fees.

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