Digital Trading. For Everyday Joe & Janes.
Digital Trading. For Everyday Joe & Janes.

Digital Trading. For Everyday Joe & Janes.

Have you ever wanted to be that Joe (or Jane)… the one buying rounds of drinks, driving that cool BMW, dressed like Joe (or Jane) was an extra in Men in Black?

Have you ever wanted to venture into stock trading but thought it was for people with loads of money, oldies or people who knew more about investing?

Well we say… what tomfoolery!

At Rakuten Trade, we believe that everyone (whether you're a gamer, e-shopper, engineer or a small businessman/woman) has the potential to be a digital investor. That it shouldn’t be Difficult, Daunting or Debilitating.  

We kicked off in 2017 by designing a trading platform that wasn’t a copy and paste like most trading platforms but rather an app that was designed for retail investors that kept trading simple.

Start your digital investing today

We received the greenlight from Securities Commission of Malaysia, and launched our services offering one of the lowest commission fees in town because we believe investing should be affordable.

Plus we’ ve got s full suite of trading ideas cultivated by award winning analysts.

So, if you’re the Joe baking up a storm, the Jane running a business, the engineer, accountant, gamer or e-shopper, the Rakuten Trade is THE choice for you.  

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