Part 2: RakuMargin Trading Simulation




Assuming RakuRanger has pledged marginable share worth RM 40,000. So, he will have an estimated trading value of RM 50,000.


With the trading limit of RM 50,000. He could buy up to RM 50,000 worth of Maybank Bhd (1155) shares. Based on screenshot on the left, Maybank Bhd is a marginable share. So, he decides to buy 6,000 units Maybank Bhd (1155) shares at RM 8.25, which costs him RM 49,617.32 (including brokerage and other trading fees).


The outstanding contract in this case is RM 49,617.32. A 7.55% interest rate p.a. will be charged on this outstanding amount after T+2 and it will be calculated daily and realized at the end of month.


RakuRanger decides to hold this stock for a longer term (more than 3 months). So, after 3 months, a flat rate of 0.5% rollover fee on his outstanding purchase will be charged to his RakuMargin account. In this case, he will need to pay RM 248.09 (0.5%*RM 49,617.32).

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