Rakuten Trade Charges Ahead: Electric Vehicle Stocks Surge

Tesla Car Giveaway Launched To Boost Trading Interest

Rakuten Trade Makes A Bold Step To Further Lower The Barriers To Trade

One Billion Rakuten Trade Points To Offset Brokerage Up For Grabs.

Rakuten Trade Launches Malaysia’s First Fully Digital US Fractional Share Trading Service

Investors Can Invest On NYSE/NASDAQ From As Small As 0.01 Unit.

Rakuten Trade Changes Its Brokerage Fees To Stimulate Retail Trading.

New brokerage fees from RM1 – RM100

Rakuten Trade won the Malaysia Digital Experience of the Year - Brokerage

Rakuten Trade was named Malaysia Digital Experience of the Year - Brokerage; for its Outstanding experience-centred initiatives at the Asian Experience Awards 2022 by Asian Business Review. The Judging panel included representatives from KPMG, Ernst & Young LLP; BDO Singapore, PwC Hong Kong and Deloitte HK.