Raku-Invest, a service offered exclusively by Rakuten Trade, enables our clients to schedule recurring US trades, either weekly or monthly, by specifying the amount they wish to trade in MYR.

Raku-Invest, often referred to as a Regular Savings Program (RSP) for stocks/ETFs, functions similarly to setting up automatic debit instructions for your stock portfolio.

Ensure you have an approved “Foreign Market” trading account via your Cash Upfront account and then follow the steps below on your iSpeed.my app:

Step 1: Choose a US stock to buy.

Step 2: Click "Schedule Buy".

Step 3: Input the amount in MYR (ranging from RM 100 - RM9,999.99).

Step 4: Choose whether to schedule the recurring order "Weekly" or "Monthly".

  • If opting "Weekly" choose a day from Monday till Friday.
  • If opting for "Monthly" select a date between 1 to 28.

Step 5: Key in your trading pin.

Step 6: Click “Confirm” to schedule trade.

Raku-Invest services are applicable to all US shares/ETFs. Just click “Action” and the “Schedule Buy” button. In the unlikely case it is not available, “Schedule Buy” button will not be visible.

The system will automatically create an order at 7:30pm (Malaysia time) for the pre-scheduled amount on the scheduled day or date.

It’s automatically matched at the best available price in the market once the US market opens.

Via the app, go to the “Order” tab and click “Ongoing Schedule” and select “Amend Schedule” or “Cancel Schedule” to make any edits or to cancel.

You can amend or cancel the order via the “Order Status” tab (via app) at any time so long as it hasn’t yet been matched.

Yes, but the system will not let you to create a duplicate orders for the same counter. If you want to increase the amount being purchased, simply click the “Order Status” tab, and make the necessary top edits.

You’ll receive a notification 48 hours prior to the scheduled date reminding you to top up your trading account. If funds are still insufficient at 7:30pm on the day of the scheduled order, the order will fail and another attempt will be made on the next scheduled day/date.

Protip: Do note that after 3 consecutive failed attempts, the Raku-Invest order will be cancelled.

It’ll remain a recurring order until the schedule is cancelled by the client or the system. After 3 consecutive failed attempts, the system will auto-cancel the subsequent scheduled trades.

It’ll be submitted to the US market on the next trading day.

Login to the dashboard, click “Order Status” >> “Ongoing Schedule”.

You may view it under the “Order Status” tab >> "Order Type". It will identify as either “Limit” for Limit orders and “Amount” for Raku-Invest orders.

No, but you need to ensure there is sufficient cash balance before 7:30pm on the scheduling day/date.

Yes, but the changes will take effect the next trading day.

Raku-Invest orders are only applicable for trades scheduled in MYR.

No. The brokerage fees and charges are the same as a normal trade.

Click here for the full list of fees.

Raku-Invest promotes "Accumulated Investing" forms consistent habits, removes emotions, and encourages disciplined investing. It focuses on long-term goals despite market changes and uses Dollar Cost Averaging to capitalize market fluctuations, reducing the risk of investing large sums at the wrong time.

Raku-Invest is a methodical approach for wealth accumulation, managing market fluctuations while pursuing financial goals over a longer period of time.

0.0001 unit but orders are placed in MYR amount and not in specific unit sizes.

Protip: US shares priced below USD 1 are only tradeable in whole units and are not available for fractional trading or Raku-Invest orders.

The following situations could be the reason why but for specific support, please contact our customer service team:

  • Insufficient trading limit.
  • Exceeds FEA limit.
  • Scheduled order falls on a weekend or public holiday.
  • Account was suspended, etc.

Your order will be automatically cancelled, and your schedule for future trades will be cleared to prevent recurrences.