An inactive account is when there are deposited securities in an account but with no debit or credit entries for at least 36 consecutive months.

Once your account has been designated as inactive, you may continue to perform all forms of CDS transactions which are available to the depositors except for outward transfers and trade activities.

Your securities, though, will still remain in your CDS account after your account is designated as inactive.

It is when there is a nil balance in the account and there has not been any debit or credit entry in the depositor's account in 36 months.

Once an account is designated as dormant, you will not be able to use that account to perform any kind of CDS transactions under the Rules of Bursa Malaysia Depository.

You should send an email to to request for an account closure. Once your outstanding cash balance is cleared and your asset/shares are transferred, it will be closed.

Within 5-7 working days, subject to management clearance and if there are no outstanding cash and/or shares in your account.

Yes. You may re-apply for a new account.

Yes, if the process has not been completed and you have yet to receive the email notification.