You can change your personal details at "setting", "edit" and proceed accordingly. For "Non-Mandatory" details you can change it online. For mandatory details, you must email us the change request at

Yes, but you will need to upload proof of your new corresponding address (i.e.: copy of identity card (NRIC), utility bill, telco bill, etc.)

You can change the following personal details online:

1. Marital Status

2. Employment Status

3. Occupation

4. Designation

5. Mailing Address (if different)

6. Contact No. (Home)

7. Contact No. (Office)

8. Contact No. (Office Extension)

9. Email Address (Secondary)

10. Name of Bank

11. Account Number

12. Income Evidence (Latest 3 Months)

13. Documentary Proof of Mailing Address

Other details such as the below will need to be emailed to for us to execute the change.

1. Country of Birth

2. Residency

3. Race

4. Bumiputra Status

5. Permanent Address (As per NRIC/ other ID)

6. Next of Kin

 In the event you are encountering difficulties changing your personal details online, you can always email us at for manual support.