It will be reflected immediately upon the sighting of the funds.

No. You get a facility limit of RM100,000. Your trading limit will depend on the cash and shares pledged as collateral subjected to margin ratio

Facility limit means the amount that we are prepared to lend you when you trade via your RakuMargin account.

Generally, your trading limit is determined based on the pledged cash and shares. They will each be assigned a multiplier.

For example,

  • RM10,000 (Cash deposit) : Trading limit of RM22,500 (x2.25 cash)
  • RM10,000 (shares) : Trading limit of RM12,500 (x1.25 pledged shares)

Note: Example above is based assumption you do not have outstanding balance in RakuMargin account.

If you have outstanding balance in your RakuMargin account, the formula is as follows. Either option A or B can be adopted. Whichever is lower will be adopted as the margin trading limit.


Option A: (Share Collateral Value + Cash) – Gross Outstanding x MOF


                                                     (MOF –100%)

Option B: Margin Facility Limit – Gross Outstanding Balance

Yes by submitting your request together with supporting materials via the trading platform. Request is subjected to Kenanga Investmen Bank Berhad’s (our financier) approval.

 Supporting documents:

  1. Income Evidence (EPF statement, BE Form, Salary Slips)
  2. Proposal for pledged cash
  3. Proposal for pledged shares

We will send you an email and ask for a digital sign off on the supplementary Letter of Offer which is available on the “Agreement” in the member webpage.

You can trade shares that are tagged “marginable shares” only while shares marked  non-marginable shares can only be sold via our platform.

The list of marginable shares will be revised by from time to time at Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad’s discretion. [STOCK INFO >> MARGINABLE STOCKS or NON-MARGINABLE STOCKS].

Collaterals are cash and marginable shares that are pledged to obtain a trading limit.

Generally, cash and shares quoted on the Bursa are accepted as the collateral securities for RakuMargin account. For more information, list of marginable stocks and non-marginable stocks will be available at STOCK INFO page or STOCK INFO >> MARGINABLE STOCKS or NON-MARGINABLE STOCKS.

No. You are not allowed to buy Rights Shares via RakuMargin Account. You can sell the entitlement shares (Rights Shares)